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Understanding the PNB Scam- Illustrative Network Map

The PNB Scam is the HOT topic of this month ! The news of the scam and subsequent events of Mr. Nirav Modi leaving India- have shown their devastating effects on Stock Market. PNB's Stock Price plummeted to Rs.113 from RS.161 in last two weeks ! The topic has started heated debates regarding Indian PSU Banks, their operations and over all regulatory framework. 

But the complexity of the events and connections, involved in this financial crime, is too overwhelming to conclude about it- on the basis of media debates. A bird's eye view revealing the over all scenario regarding this Scam requires reading diverse kind of information. After, reading around dozens of articles regarding the scam across the media outlets and portals. I have tried to summarise and illustrate the whole scenario for my readers. 

First of all we will discover brief gist of informative articles (with link to each of them) and factual sub-points regarding the broad main points related to the PNB Scam. Then we will have a look at a Network Map created by me, to facilitate better understanding of the complex set of happenings and relationships between various parties involved. So, here we go -

1. Who's Nirav Modi ?  

2. Who's Mehul Choksi ?
3. What exactly PNB advanced, in terms of credit, to Mr. Modi ?
  • It's an LoU- Letter of Undertaking -LoUs are used by a bank’s customer to avail short-term credit in a foreign country. These transactions are not retail in nature and are mostly used by businesses for import of goods. - The overseas bank lending to the borrower based on the LoU earns interest on the amount, the bank issuing the LoU gets a fee and the borrower gets a credit facility at a place where she may not have banking relationships. Moreover, interest rates in India are higher compared to international benchmark rates. So the effective outgo on interest for the borrower is also beneficial. If the collateral is in the form of a fixed deposit, there is further gain on the interest earned, while the bank also gets some funds to use.
  • It's communicated through SWIFT- SWIFT, short for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications, and letters of undertaking are the two instruments allegedly manipulated by PNB employees to let diamond merchant Nirav Modi channel the money illegally. -
  • It was allegedly UnauthorisedIn PNB’s case, LoUs were issued via SWIFT in favour of Nirav Modi. An LoU is a bank guarantee from PNB (or any other bank) on the basis of which the overseas banks grant loans. The PNB employees reportedly shared the SWIFT password with Modi’s aide, allowing fraudulent authorisation of transactions. -
4. How the Fraud developed over time ?
  • In 2011, ​i​t began with a a much smaller amount with a single letter of undertaking (LoU)​ worth around Rs800 crore.- When the borrower did not repay the first Rs800 crore, the bank ought to have stepped in and booked a default by the group company. Instead, the two PNB employees, who were allegedly party to the fraud, issued more LoUs on behalf of PNB, asking other banks to give out fresh loans to the firms. This continued until two weeks before the whole operation came to light after some of Modi’s employees visited the bank on Jan. 05. The management was caught napping and the overdue loans exceeded Rs11,000 crore.When the credit due was not paid in time, more LoUs were issued on behalf of PNB to offset the payment​. -
5. What are the Actions taken by Modi Govt ?
6. The Auditors under Scanner-
7. Alleged UPA-Chidambaram Connection - 

And here is the resultant network-map explaining the scam and resultant events to provide a bird's eye view and facilitate understanding of the various connections involved in the scenario-
Understanding the PNB Scam- Illustrative Network Map
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AIB : The Pop-Culture-Zombies

AIB ! That Media Platform who entertain people and also includes ... Okay, also includes Mr. Tanmay Bhat !! (Sorry for ruining your mood, readers, but I had to write that name... Can't help it !!)

'All India Bakchod' is in news for a controversy (again)... This time they added Dog-Filter to PM Modi's face calling his foreign visits as 'Wanderlust'. Then their fan-following (I mean the spoilt-kids of fat-salaried elites who support and patronise the AIB-culture ) made it trending on Social Media sites, then some folks from the intellectual territory mass-labelled by these Pop-Hippies as 'Bhakts' reported that thing to Mumbai Police through their twitter handle. 
Courtesy: Twitter and DailyO

Mumbai Police then assured the Complaining Twiteratti - namely Reetesh Maheshwari-of an action forwarding  his complaint to Cyber Cell. Cyber Cell then registered an FIR. And then AIB took that tweet down !! But their hero - Mr. Tanmay Bhat said- "PS: Will continue making jokes. And deleting if necessary. And making jokes again. And Apologizing if necessary. Don't care what you think." !!! And the Anti-Modi, Fiberal groups started 'moaning' as per their habit...
Courtesy- AIB and Whosoever Edited this !!

Point of Criticism ? Mr. Vishal Dadlani, supporting AIB, tweeted - "Rape? No action. Murder? No action. Cow-terrorism? No action. Snapchat!??? Immediate FIR!"... And the entire AIB-supporting lobby has same argument to take digs at Mumbai Police as well as the political fraternity they mass-label as 'Bhakts'. Do you know what they mean ? They mean- Mumbai Police or for that matter the whole Law-enforcement of India doesn't act against Rapes and Murders !! Some fiberals stretch the logic to make it - 'In Modi's regime ....." ! Actually Police Dept taking notice of any complaint on twitter should be praised for pro-active response ! And for those who think Police only acts against Snapchat shit, here is something - "The government has succeeded in improving the conviction rate from 36 per cent to 52 per cent over the past one year. Higher conviction rate will deter criminal and anti-social elements from indulging in unlawful activities," -

But this is not the point here... Police Dept needs to be stronger, more efficient and lot more responsive. There are many problems, inefficiencies and many negative points to score against the existent law and order, especially in Maharashtra. But you can criticise this hard and harder independently or spontaneously ! The attitude like- 'If you take FIRs against us, we will say that you don't act against rapes and murders' - is pathetic and requires a strong rebuttal. AIB and the 'Classic Intolerance' Brigade is moaning about how 'Bhakt' and 'Intolerant' the system is (under Modi's Regime ) ! Hey Guys, it is just an FIR !! Not a Death Warrant !!! If anyone complaints and his/her complaint is supported/upheld by existing/subsequent laws/jurisdictions, Police is under a duty to proceed with FIR and further actions if found necessary. What on the earth makes it 'INTOLERANCE' ? How dare you call the entire Police dept. 'Not Acting against Murderers and Rapists' ?? 

If you criticise the provisions which make you punishable for abusing PM with Dog Filter, you should criticise the Provisions, and proceed with a PIL to change them. But this gang will never do it ! Instead they will choose the targets which will make them 'HEROES' in the eyes of their POP culture-fan following... They are targeting the Police Dept who is under duty to enforce the law, as they don't have balls (or whatever the thing Mr. Bhat has in that place !) to criticise the legal provisions !! And that too, because a 'BHAKT' complained against them and Mumbai Police gave a speedy response... What the heck is wrong with this ? An Indian Citizen complaints on twitter, Police gives an immediate response, then they verify the legal provisions and end up lodging a First Information Report against the alleged illegal act. If AIB is innocent they can defend themselves legally. Or to add more, they can just go further to challenge the provision which made the 'Dog Filtering of PM's Pic' a crime, with a PIL in High Court ! But instead of this rational and genuine course of protest - they will mock the Law Enforcement Agency as 'BHAKT' that too, with their classic narrative of 'Under Modi's Regime...' !! This is insane behaviour of this Pop-Hippy Sociopaths who think themselves as something like 'ASGARDIANS' who are 'above' the Indians and Indian Laws too ! (I don't have any objection if Mr. Tanmay Bhat claims himself heavier than Mjolnir !!)

I support everyone's right to criticise everyone in the Democratic Republic of India. NO PROBLEM.  But this supports is due to the value of 'LIBERTY' and 'INDIVIDUALISM', which as an Indian Citizen, I support the most. But this doesn't make the AIB's criticism valid ! They have no moral ground to claim that they are doing any 'SOCIAL GOOD' by 'EXPOSING' things ! NO, they are not. Now coming to the point of original debate- The Dog Filter applied on PM's Pic captioned as 'Wanderlust'... Why ? Because- Shri. Narendra Modi (his name enough to criticise his every action whether it is demonetisation or beef ban) travels (without any family member) in aeroplane (sleeping in the plane itself, without claiming Jet-Lag rest) to visit countries (to strengthen our ties, making bilateral agreements/MOUs, Addressing the Diaspora abroad) ! Seems pretty logical right ?
So, PM who is the Head of the Government and Effective Representative of our Nation State, should not visit other countries !! Why ? Because the 'Self Proclaimed Asgardians' of AIB and their cult of Pop-Hippies find it funny/wrong/mocking stock/useless ?? 

And what the heck these super-modern liberal intellectual cool 'dudes' think about Foreign Affairs ? Here as an example ! It is about India and Pakistan !! Here's their Video - 

SO, our Cool Dudes think - Indians and Pakistanis are BFFs and RAW & ISI create the problems !! Cool, isn't it ? They don't even look at our History, not even mention the problem of Islamism (Because ? Because they are ASGARDIAN Liberals and Islam is Religion of Peace for them, Right ?)... They don't even mention the state policy of Pakistan. They don't even differentiate between the paths chosen by these neighbouring countries- Nehruian One Vs Jinnahian One ! NO. They just CONCLUDE or PASS JUDGEMENT that RAW & ISI create the problems (And they make another COOL liberal attempt- to equalise RAW and ISI !!!)... Simple isn't it ? And their audience, consisting of the 'Spoilt Kids of Elites who love the F-Word driven Pop-Hippy Culture', jumps the trains by commenting like -

"Not everyone in Pakistan are bad , I believe. I m an Indian but I wish to visit Pakistan Once❤"
"fu#k u government let us meet"
"Nuke the government

Problem solved"


So, the 'EXPERT' people who don't know or don't even 'want' to know about HISTORY, GEOPOLITICS, TERRORISM, ISLAMISM mock our PM for his Foreign Visits ? And we join the bandwagon by sharing their crap videos on our timelines ? Just to feel 'COOL' ?? 

If you still don't get why I call AIB Indo-Phobic Pop-Hippies, Here's another Video from them - 

WHY THE HELL THEY DO THIS ? Demonetisation was a Reform for India. It was. It is not a Hypothesis. It is a Fact. Want to have proof ? See this - The government added 9.1 million new taxpayers in 2016-17, an 80% increase over the typical yearly rise, highlighting the impact of India’s November demonetisation of high-value currencies.
This is expected to significantly boost the government’s tax revenue. India had only 55.9 million individual taxpayers at the end of 2015-16. -

Overall direct tax collection after refunds expanded by 14.8 per cent to Rs 1.42 lakh crore over the corresponding period in 2016. “The government has benefited from demonetisation, as people have started reporting higher income,” Sushil Chandra, chairman of the Central Board of Direct Taxes, told Business Standard. -

AND our Mighty Cool Dude AGARDIAN Pop-Hippies think it as - ? A laughable attempt which Killed People ? SERIOUSLY ?? KILLED ??? The people dying from Heart Attack in Bank-rows, are 'KILLED' by Modi Govt... Super Logic... Standing Ovation... (By my Middle Finger !!) This means if anyone who has to eventually visit toilet (to answer a nature's call) after watching an AIB video is a case to prove that 'AIB Videos are Virtual Laxatives" !! (Sarcasm Apart, Some of them really are... ! The ones who have Mr. Bhat included are not Laxatives, though viewers may find it compulsory to visit toilet. THEY ARE NAUSEATING !!)
Courtesy : Mr.Tanmay himself and DailyO technically !

So, that's why I call them Indo-Phobic (Restrict this word as Xenophobic towards Every Indian Value/Reform...) Pop-Hippies. They especially mock-abuse 'RIGHT WING' and 'more especially' 'MODI'. And their fan following, which we know, consists of Spoilt Children of Elites who find their 'Indian' existence as a mistake or thing to regret; think AIB as their Philosophy-Mentors and COOL-Heroes ! 

I don't really get why people try to complaint against these Pop-Zombies ! They don't deserve your serious attention, Dear Right-wing folks... Enjoy their videos. Because we don't often find group of Culture-Zombies (Because of their Rotten Brains and Not because of Mr. Bhat anyway, as that will be too much for Zombies !!) and a Mad Dancing-Bear (Sorry, Bears ! Don't make it to courts for defamation !!) performing on stage ! In bonus, you will also get to enjoy the hilarious comments by the 'Spoilt-Kids' followers which can outperform Ms. Dhinchak Pooja, in the dimension of Sheer STUPIDITY !!

So, next time they apply a dog filter on your favourite leader,
just think that they are envying you 
and dying to find a leader for their own race !!!

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Decoding the Popular Verdict of 2017

The Year 2017 was special for Indian Political Space. The people who have interest in following, analysing political events, were crazy about : What will happen in the Assembly Elections, especially - in UP ! And after the long battle, the results are out. And... the 'saffron lotus' has flourished significantly in the muddy political arena of the largest Indian State in terms of population. The results of Punjab, Manipur, Goa and Uttarakhand are also crystal clear now. And here we go with the analysis (as usual !) :


Thanks to : Hindustan Times

Accept it - BJP's extraordinary performance has amazed all of us ! Even the strongest Modi-BJP Supporters weren't confident about BJP being in power on its own. It was really simple to predict BJP as the single largest party in the state. But... 325 ? BJP's own 312 and allied 13-14 more take the BJP+ Figure to 325 ! In the assembly of the largest state of India, there are 403 seats and BJP has grabbed about 325 out of them !! Now that's called a GIGANTIC VICTORY ! Actually, BJP outperformed its own best numbers in the state - which were achieved in the midst of the Hot and Sizzling Ram Mandir Andolan. This has astonished and amazed the BJP Supporters too... Reasons ?

There are few and enough to describe it in broader sense ! First is : MODI !! Narendra Modi's wave is not just a 'wave' now. It is a PHENOMENON. A new, significant and strongest force in Indian Politics is the thing and brand name of which, is called as : MODI ! It is a Pro-Hindutva, Right Wing and Pro-Development Nationalist sentiment with mass support on FB-Twitter as well as Polling Booths. India wanted a cheerful force to drive its journey towards 2020 and destiny gifted India - MODI and most important is .... Indians are loving it !! 
Thanks to : Hindustan Times

So, UP's results are the evidences of the continuing Pro-Modi sentiment in masses. And more important is : It is still so even after the process of Demonetization ! This makes me joyful and satisfied. Not just as a Modi Supporter or Pro-Hinduva youth. It makes me happy as a Citizen, as an Indian ! See... The medicines taste better and so do the reforms. And how unfortunate were we in the past decades that - seldom any leader tried to give a bitter dose for better India ! Very few had the courage, fewer had the will and hardly anyone has really done it since 1991. Modi attempted and made it possible ! It was soothing to see a leadership acting for long term benefits rather than short term appeasements. But my worries were alive ! I feared that such leadership will face the curse of Indian Polity : 'Bitter the Reforms, Harder it hits the Reformer'... But... The Local Body Civic Polls in Gujrat, Maharashtra and now the bigger and assuring verdict in UP, Uttarakhand - has proven my worries as unrealistic and no one is happier than myself ! Indians are ready for Reforms instead of hesitating them. And these Reformist Indians want Modi to do them. And Modi is doing them !! This will soothe and heal everyone who cares for India...
Thanks to : Hindustan Times

Another significant force is : The Rising of Majority Hindu Sentiment which will soon render Minority Vote Banks useless in Indian Politics. Uttar Pradesh is seen as the Capital of Communal Politics, and it is not wrong anyway. Actually - the 'Political Dynasties' which ruled UP in past few terms - were the loudest examples of Appeasement of Muslim Vote Bank. And making the thing more saddening - They were the 'success models' for other Appeasers... This was a real threat to National Well Being. Because when FATWAS and IFTARS decide elections, that too in India, it is deemed to make the KAFIRS suffer ! To my and many more nationalists' joy, the curse is coming to an end ! And the anti-dote is - the successful couterblow from the Awakening Hindu Sentiment. This is happy sign for every nationalist Indian. (And yes ! I follow Savarkar's Definition of Hindu ! So... I am not a Muslimophobe ! A birth can't be anyone's fault. But a radical, genocide-oriented, death-cult ideology is... So actually, I am Islamophobe !! Is it clear ?)

Punjabi Tadka

Thanks to : India Today

Punjab has decided to 'Thoko Taali' with the Congress's 'Hand' ! Here, BJP lost with the major partner Akali Dal, but I think even BJP already knew their fate in this state. The present government faced anti-incumbency. But the more brutal factor of the coalition in power lies in their contribution in making of 'Udta Punjab' ! Drug Smugglers should suffer, Drug Suppliers should and the 'Drug Allowers' MUST !! A nationalist will be joyful with the result as it was the best possible. Actually, AAP faced the defeat and that's why a nationalist should celebrate the Punjabi verdict ! AAP's national character is under serious suspicion ! More over, Punjab has the Khalistani movement's dark shadows and more importantly - it is a Border State; that too are shared with our- 'very beloved neighbour' : Dear Pakistan !!! So, Punjab rejected the corrupt and drug-allowers from the established coalition, Punjab refused 'Not-so-SAFE' AAP and chose the best possible option with the Congress.

Goan Recipe 

Thanks to : Firstpost

Goan position is now interesting for those who love to see political dramas ! Congress is the single largest party with 17 seats, Established BJP at 13 and OTHERS have 7 !! Now these OTHERS will decide the destiny of this term of Goan Assembly. Sitting CM has lost to the shock of BJP in Goa. Even after the 'Return of Parrikar' BJP has failed to outperform the damage caused by the rebelling Velingkar and Co.

Uttarakhand with BJP 

Thanks to : Livemint

With 57 out of 70, BJP has swept another 'Uttar' state ! Uttarakhand is a blow to Established Congress Party whose numbers slide from 32 in 2012, to 11 in 2017. The ruling CM faced the hit as expected and to make it worse - He has lost from both of the constituencies from which he was contesting ! Another state has gone with Modi and his vision for the progressive, inclusive, transparent development.

Manipuri Lesson

Thanks to :

Manipur, at least as of now, is a Hung Verdict ! Congress is single largest party, but BJP ha gained marginally - fulfilling the dream of Atal Bihari Vajpayee (Remember his furious speech in which he strongly assured the opponents that : A day will come when the Lotus will appear to the rising east also !) ... 

Why Irom Lost ?

I want to address a strange but worthy point here ! A lady fasted for 16 Year, against the AFSPA, for the people. Now she tried to enter politics after realising the fruitless pains of fasting for a long. And... She hardly got 100 votes there !! What you will call this ? Cruel Joke of Politics ? Or Insensitive Public ? If yes, think with less emotions and cooler minds ! See... Agree with her or not, but the Iron Lady had sacrificed a lot for the society around her. But should people vote them to represent them for this ? due to ?? For a NICE gratitude ??? or what else....?
Thanks to : @PRJAManipur on Twitter

Actually - Votes are casted for future and not for history ! Votes are given for dreams and not for Sunk Sacrifices ! This may seem as Cruel Injustice to Irom. But... 'Sacrifices for Society' (alone) may bring you Awards and Recognition, but not VOTES ! Voters vote for electing some heads to rule them. They vote for development dreams and political agendas... Irom had one ?
Hillary Clinton had good record of past, far better than Mr. Trump ! But... people there voted for Trump's VISION and not for Hillary's TRACK RECORD ! 

This is no way negative, rather it is a healthy indicator of 'future-demanding' voting philosophy. So, I am sympathetic for Irom Sharmila, but not disappointed with the SYSTEM anyway !!

So, this is how the election results are seen by me. Continuing Modi Wave, Strengthening BJP under Modi-Shah Rule, Popular 'Ratification' of Demonetisation, Awakening Hindu Sentiment, Congress getting some Luft or breathing air in form of Punjab victory, AAP getting limited to Delhi itself, And yes... Sensible and Wise Voting by the Voters ! This will impact national politics as well as economic activity. Social Forces are undergoing changes... And yes ! New Equations are getting evolved to redefine the 'Political Correctness' and after all, demanding a serious review of the 'established theories' of Political Pundits... After all, HAPPY HOLI to all my readers, and I am pretty sure that this HOLI of 2017 will be remembered for the 'Bright Colours' of Democratic Politics in Indian History !

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Journey To Cashless Via Demonetisation

Demonetisation... Cashless... Banks... ATMs... Queues... Rs.2000 Notes... are the Key Words of Indian News Articles since the big bang announcement made by Prime Minister on 8th November, at Night ! Everywhere - at tea stalls, restaurants, bus stops, shops, streets - people are buzzing about the terms : Demonetisation and Cashless ! Pro-govt people are arguing for its Pros, and Opposition is fighting hard to expose the flaws therein ! But it is necessary to analyse the impacts with cooler mind, and it is more important to put forward handy information about 'Being Cashless'. In this article, we will first touch the impacts of Demonetisation which are related to 'Cashless' dimension. Then I will try to put forward the available and emerging techniques that will aid people in going Cashless and Digital ! It will be an honest attempt to make this article a 'Simple and Handy Info Packet' for the readers, which will help to solve the petty annoying doubts and problems faced while going for 'Cashless' transactions. So, here we go...

Firstly, I want to make some stuff clear and straight. Otherwise some of my Cynic and Skeptic friends will rush to comment about 'How being CASHLESS is not possible' ! See... Here, the term Cashless means people using digital money, using banking channels to execute their day-to-day transactions digitally ! For god's sake, please don't misinterpret it as 'Attempt to move towards Barter'... (BARTER ? How on this earth you can imagine that, Mr. 'Cynic' Pessimist ?) So, here Cash refers to the Currency printed on papers ! And going Cashless means a marginal shift towards Digital Currency and reduced use of Paper Notes.

After we have now done away with 'an early disclaimer', let's we move to the subject with comfort ! If we take into account the overall efforts by Modi Govt and the scenario after the date of 8th, following points come into mind :

  1. Demonetisation is the greatest 'Happening' thing in Indian Economic History of recent times. It has made an devstating as well as decisive impacts for sure.
  2. Demonetisation has several intended (or Alleged !) viz. Shock to the Fake Currency Gangs, Heavy blow to the people who used to store bundles under their beds and especially those people who used cash routes to suppress their Gross Total Income in Return Forms ! But one of the most long lasting impact is : It has given a Push to the 'Cashless' dream and has set the ball rolling ! Cashless brings Transparency, saves Time and fosters efficiency ! This is too simple to explain it furthermore here.
  3. Earlier people, even the young generation was somehow 'reluctant' about using Cashless mediums of payments ! Especially in Small Cities and Towns, leave alone the villagers. Demonetisation has destroyed their Safe Heaven of Paper Notes for a while, at least. This has forced some people and inspired others to try the new-age currency formats ! To go Digital and to use Mobile Handsets for something more productive than 'WhatsApp Chatting' !
  4. And the allegation by many Cashless-Cynics - that : 'How villages, farmers, workers can do that ?' - I want to say : 
"Dude, please come out of your Binary Mindset of Haves and Have Nots ! When Rajiv Gandhi and Sam Pitroda tried introducing Cellphones and Computers to Indians, exactly same Cynic-logic of Village-victimization had been put forward by similar tendencies ! Now look at 'Today'... Feature Phones are more common than Landlines in Villages. Smart Phones are getting increased spread with their declining prices. Now village teens have WhatsApp Groups ! Reality is - Villages and Small Towns follow Mega Cities ! Every Reform, especially related to Sophisticated Technology initiates in Cities ! Then after 4-5 years it spreads completely in most remote corners of landscape ! So, don't try to oppose a Good Reform by playing the False Victim Card under tags of Villages..."

Now, after briefly touching the analysis points, I directly move to the most important part of this article. That is providing a list of existing and emerging 'Cashless' technologies with handy tips, 'How-To's and information about them -
  • Net Banking - This is the currently ruling monarch of Digital Economy environment. Net Banking needs no explanation. Problem with traditional Net Banking was it needed a P.C. and a bunch of passwords. So, very few can use it for day-to-day transactions. But it is the Granddaddy of these Cashless-Tech generation, upon which the newer inventions are based.
  • Debit Cards - In India, where most of the people see 'Personal Debt' negatively, Debit Card had to be more popular than Credit Cards. Debit Cards are everywhere today. They are the actual 'Saviours' in the distress of Cash Crunch caused by Demonetisation.  Now, Govt has removed the Service Tax on Debit Card transactions, so no one needs to hesitate while carrying the Plastic Card in his/her wallet/purse ! With Debit Cards, nowadays we can avail facility of 'Cash Deposits' in addition to the 'Cash Withdrawal' options. This will reduce the work of Cashiers and release public from the inconvenience of filling 'Deposit Slips' ! More E-Banking Spots, Galleries are needed to eliminate the queues in banks, benefitting both Bank Machinery and Customers.
  • PayTM - See... PayTM is not just another Private Company ! For India, it is a revolution indeed. (TThere is nothing like Vijay Shekhar Sharma sponsors my blog !!) However, we Indians see Private Companies, Business Units with Cynic and Pessimist attitude. See... FACEBOOK is a Private Organisation, not State-run one. Still, it is way useful for government itself ! Same thing applies to Twitter, Google, etc. So, we should not 'Avoid' or 'Refuse' PayTM due to its Private Ownership. It is an innovation, benchmark and Technology-Utility for Indian Economy. Adding to my love for PayTM, the Mobile Wallet App-provider Company has removed the 'Wallet To Bank Transfer Charges' as PayTM is now getting converted into a 'Payment Bank' with RBI Approval ! So, don't hesitate to enjoy the benefits of PayTM, by reading some misleading 'Anti-PayTM appeals' forwarded to you on WhatsApp or Facebook ! You can use PayTM for Paying as well as Getting Paid !! Itts QR Code facility is awesome. I have myself tried it.
    So, don't hesitate to enjoy the benefits of PayTM, by reading some misleading 'Anti-PayTM appeals' forwarded to you on WhatsApp or Facebook ! You can use PayTM for Paying as well as Getting Paid !! Itts QR Code facility is awesome. I have myself tried it. And all you need is : A Smartphone with Net Connection, PayTM App Installed and your QR Code printed on your business place ! Here's a picture taken by me, proving how the Technology can be used by everyone who is positive about it -
    Spot- A snacks stall in Ratnagiri, Maharastra
  • UPI Apps - Now, a new child is already born to compete with PayTM and Debit Card. Problem is - the Tech is still in its Developing Process. Once all of the major banks integrate with UPI system, we will enjoy a Secure, Fast, Convenient and Bank-Authorized - Mobile App that will enable you to do all your banking on your own handset ! UPI is backed by Govt's National Payments Corporation of India i.e. NPCI.  UPI links the Mobile Phone with Bank Account via Aadhar Authentication !! At present SBI, HDFC, ICICI and some other banks are already into it ! Still, other banks need to launch there own Apps... But here is a recent news, which will Change the Game ! The Govt is into play !! They are bringing an Aadhar-based Mobile UPI App which can be used with any bank account... So, brace yourself ! In few days, you can scan your fingerprint and make a Payment to your Merchant without need to fill NEFT Form or even Swipe the plastic token !! Here's a pic explaining UPI mechanism -
    Image Credits :
  • USSD Banking/NUUP - It is actually a complementary benefit of UPI Architecture. But it is special for its own reasons ! The best thing with USSD Banking is : You don't need a Smartphone nor you need Internet Connectivity or Data Pack !! Now, what is USSD ? USSD means : Unstructured Supplementary Service Data ! Sounds like a Techno-Jargon, right ? Don't worry folks, you already use it !! Have you ever checked balance by dialing *121# or *125# ?? That's it !! For Banking, it is - *99# now ! Dial it, navigate through the options with numeric pad and transact money... You can do it from Nokia 3310c too ! No Jio needed too... Actually, you don't need to expend a single paisa for data pack too !! I think these are enough 'Too's to prove its worthiness !!! USSD Banking is based on MMID and MPIN. MMID stands for 'Mobile Money Identifier' MPIN is just another PIN for securing your transaction, that you will remember (Without writing it anywhere !)... NPCI is behind this. They call it NUUP : National Unified USSD Platform. (To many short forms, huh !) (Don't forget to refer the FAQs about NUUP provided by NCPI. The link is below, in References section.) Now look at these graphics to understand - 'How To Use It' : 
    Image Credits : have now the basic idea about the emerging CASHLESS-TECH. Don't hesitate to use it... It doesn't mean it hasn't any risks ! But there is a risk in browsing Facebook or walking on road too. Be wise, don't share PINs with anyone else. Now on, your Mobile Phone will be your access pad for Banking. So, take more care of your Mobile Phone henceforth !

In this article, I have tried my best to put forth a brief analysis of Cashless drive of Indian Economy, which got a push by Demonetisation. I have attempted to explain the Cashless-Tech in simplest language as possible. In addition, I have given a bunch of informative links in the Reference section below. Still, if you are left with any doubt or confusion, feel free to ask in comment box ! I will definitely try to answer ! And yes... If you find it handy, share the link of this article with your friends (Share Link so that they can get all the graphics, links, etc. and by the way... Copy Pasting is not that good !!)... 

Demonetisation has given a push to set the 'Cashless' ball rolling ! Now it is up to us to 'keep it rolling' for our own sake ! Let's do a little for achieving a Common Social Victory !!

Sunday, 6 November 2016

CPEC & Indian Strategic Dilemma

CPEC is the term of the moment for Geo-Political topics ! CPEC is the famous abbreviation of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a grand project which has capabilities of changing the Asian Balance of Power... Actually, it seems a Bilateral Economic Transaction between the Dragon and Islamabad. But actually it has a hidden party ! The 'ghost party' having interest in CPEC is New Delhi... Actually, it is an open secret that Indian neighborhood is not 'goody goody' at all, especially when North-West frontiers of Indian Territory are concerned. So, CPEC is indeed a big issue as far as Indian Foreign Policy is concerned ! We will take a tour of the Geo-political Conditions and Possible Indian 'Course of Actions' related to CPEC in this article...

Let's have a brief introduction with the Idea and Reality of CPEC... Here are some points which will help you to get it clear -
  • CPEC is a Bilateral Economic Agreement.
  • Pakistan will get Investment, Energy Setups and Roads built. The investment, China is making in CPEC, amounts to around $46 Billion ! It means approx. 3 Lakh Crores of Indian Rupee. So, it is a huge investment and Pakistan is getting it without having to pay it back in Direct Monetary terms.
  • China has some complex interests in CPEC. They are spending such a huge sum of money (not surely for any CHARITY !!) for developing Pakistan. In return, Beijing is eyeing on the Geo-Political 'Sweet Pastry' of Gwadar port ! It is important for China as the de-facto route of their foreign trade, i,e, South China-Pacific Region is facing some threats. The problems are caused by some historic conflict about the ownership of Islands in the South China Sea. To add to the headache of China, USA has tremendous influence over there, due their superior navy and geographical placement of the region. So, China is badly trying for 'An Alternate Trade Route' which will be safe and away from the direct influence of Uncle Sam ! So, CPEC is the answer to the Chinese problem of 'Safe Trade Route'... So, the excessive sums of money, China is spending on CPEC, will be totally justified, if China gets access to the Gwadar Port via Pakistan as per their planning...
  • In addition, China will reduce the costs of Transportation significantly with a secure access to the Gwadar Port is achieved by them. In addition, China's strategic access to the narrow maritime region of that part, is equally significant for them.
  • CPEC will have a tremendous impact on Baluchistan. Gwadar, itself, is located in Baluchistan. So, once China gets its 'Iron Grip' over the region, the Indian Ambitions of 'Free Baluchistan' will become 'Nearly Impossible'. Here is the map of CPEC for better understanding of its  possible geographical impact - 
So, now you have a clear idea about the Basic Concept of CPEC and its mutual benefits for China and Pakistan. Now let's move to its implications with regard to Indian interests. Here are the major effects or impacts on India due to CPEC -
  1. Stronger Bonds between the Annoying Neighbors - This is the most 'easy-to-understand' points. Already, China and Pakistan are close to each others in order to counter Indian Interests in the region. Now, after CPEC this 'Affair' will convert to 'Marriage' actually !! So, if Indian Rivals are teaming up, India will be affected by that thing !
  2. Feeling of Being Surrounded by Dragon - India is already fighting against the 'Ring of Pearls' strategy of China in the Indian Ocean. After CPEC, China will have a permanent presence in Pakistan, that too - officially ! In addition, China enters into the North Asian Sea after its access of Gwadar. So, India has a threat of being surrounded by the Dragon and CPEC adds to the headache of New Delhi !
  3. Pakistan gets stronger - This actually doesn't need any explanation. The age-old rival of India becomes powerful if CPEC becomes functional. That too with Chinese aide ! So, CPEC will annoy India for sure.
  4. Threat to the Indian Supplies of Oil - The distance between India's Chabahar Port in Iran and Gwadar Port is not more than 100 Kms ! This route is also important for existing Oil supplies of India. So, Chinese access of the 'Straits of Hormuz' will undoubtedly add to the complexities, for Indian side.
After knowing about the Strategic Implications of CPEC on India, we can now comfortably move towards the 'Dilemma' ! Actually, many Indian Analysts view CPEC as a Curse ! A majority of Indian thinkers want New Delhi to escalate 'some firework' over the region, in order to disrupt the CPEC Plan... Indian Government has not taken any official stance or has not published any comprehensive doctrine against CPEC. India is immediately concerned with the 'Via POK' status of CPEC ! Indian Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi has officially raised concern about this thing. But as the POK is a historic and lengthy, pending dispute; China will not be bothered that much due to such objection from Indian side. Apart from this 'Via POK' thing, New Delhi hasn't any declared plan vis-a-vis the overall CPEC development.

So, the prevalent question is -  "How should India react to CPEC" ?
Positive or Negative are the alternatives. India will face it hard to 'Morally Justify' to put obstacles in CPEC. Because the POK issue is minor and China will not be bothered any more due to the 'PENDING' label of the age-old Kashmir problem. So, how India can morally oppose the CPEC in whole ? It seems difficult as India can't openly say that - "We don't want Pakistan to develop" !! So, if India decides to oppose it, it will be through Proxy War and secret tactics ! Baluchistan is 'the key' then... 

But what about India dealing positively or neutrally with the CPEC happening ? 
There is a possibility of Chinese Colonisation of Pakistan ! Even Pakistani Analysts predict this outcome. Pakistan is actually a fragile state. With no co-operation between the Civilian Executive and Military Warlords, Pakistan can be an easy 'Prey' for a 'Predator' like China in long term ! (Readers should take into account - what China did to Tibet too some extent, Nepal too !)  So, this will be 'Game Changer' for India too !! Because, it is reasonable to feel safer with China haveing grip over Pakistan rather than some irresponsible Jihadi cult having the access to nukes... China is a rival of India, but an economic partner too ! So, China will prefer ''Military Peace' to promote its aggression in the terms of Trade and Business. Actually, the threat from China to India is largely economic and hardly in terms of a Military Attack ! Because both of countries are the rising superpowers of world, they will hardly prefer any Military Confrontation on large scale. But present Pakistan is not like that ! India has a 'Real Permanent Threat' of Military Violence from irresponsible leadership Pakistan. So, CPEC and consequent Chinese domination of Pakistan can be viewed as a 'Positive Factor' for India from this 'Point of View' !!

But, India can't trust China ! 
At least, Indian History will not allow any Trust like that ! So, many analysts point out at the possibility of China intentionally escalating the problems in Kashimr, after its dominance in Pakistan. China can use Pakistan as buffer state too !! If China comes out with a setup of 'Puppet Govt in Pakistan' + 'Controlling Jihadis' + 'Using them against India'; this will be a serious trouble to Indian security interests ! So, the 'fear' is not actually baseless. It has historical background and Chinese Expansionism adds to the points !

So, this is the 'Dilemma' !!

A strategic Dilemma will be faced by New Delhi in near future ! The Indian Leadership has to solve it in order to come up with a Concrete Plan or Well-Thought Stance about CPEC. The stance taken by Indian Think-Tank will have a long lasting impact on the Balance of Power in Asia. CPEC is not bilateral ! It is more like a 'Geo-Political Love Triangle' !! So, New Delhi has to decide - whether to let Beijing marry to Islamabad officially via CPEC, or put some problems in this relationship to secure Indian Interests...

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